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Reduced engine power no recheck engine light or message on screen

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I have a 2019 Malibu lt. I've been having the traditional issues most have been having with it with the reduced engine power. I've done all work related to all codes that were being set off and no codes return anymore. Recently, when trying to accelerate from a complete stop the car will bog down and get no "oomph"... I can see the RPMs rising and it seems to struggle around 2000 to 2,500 RPMs. Once up to cruising speed, the car seems to run fine but I am still unable to really pass anybody due to the weak acceleration. When this happens I never get any codes or reduced engine power message on my screen. It just happens and as I continue to apply pressure to the pedal I'll eventually feel the turbo spool up and catch up and the car will start to take off. My gas life seems unaffected as well. The work I've done so far is as follows:

Cleaned MAF sensor
Cleaned wastegate
Replaced throttle body
Replaced turbo boost sensor
Replaced air filter and cleaned out box
Replaced turbocharger wastegate solenoid with heat shield
Replaced throttle position sensor

I'm at a loss of what to do next. Any ideas on this guys? Does anyone have experience with this problem and found a fix? I'm lost here.
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Also I don't know if this is normal or pertinent, but my car only seems to top out at like 3.5 PSI of boost even when it's running "normally" with no issues. I'm not sure what is considered normal for this car.
It was more common in 2018 than in your 2019 but still relevant. False knock detection triggering low power and hesitation and it can be with or without a fault code.

I've suspected that as well even throughout my repair processes, but the Chevrolet dealership insists that my vin is not affected. What should I do? Should I just pay a third party to reprogram the ECM for me? Or is there anything else I can do?
The bulletin does have a breakpoint at KF187950 late in the model production year. If your VIN ends let's say KF194360 it would have the latest calibration at the time of production including the update in the bulletin. I'd try and get them to program the latest calibration and explain everything you tried. They might want to diagnose it but you already know there are no codes so that's probably a dead end.

In an earlier post you had an issue with the charge air pipe blowing off the throttle body. You had sprayed it with hairspray and tied it down with a zip tie. That's unusual. Is yours missing the o-ring seal and spring clip that normally holds it on?
My VIN is 1G1ZD5ST8KF163469... I thought mine qualified but the dealership still said no. There is an open recall on my car but it's just to replace the spring clip that holds it on the throttle body. My go to dealership hasn't had the part. Hence the zip tie in the meantime LOL. As far as I know the o-ring is still there. I've removed it once to inspect it and put it back at that time.
re: clip holding the pipe to the throttle body, you are probably referring to this service update program:

I'm not sure why the dealer is dragging on ordering that retainer clip. I called my dealer parts counter with 13434668 it's $8.12 and can be here tomorrow. Same for the VIN on the ECM update... unless it has already been programmed by a previous owner it should be available with that VIN. You might want to try a different dealer; it sounds like you are getting the runaround.
I thought I was right about the ECM reprogramming. How would I go about doing it since they keep lying to me? Do I just call them and cite the specific TSB? Or how should I proceed? By the way sorry for the intermittent replies but I work third shift so during the day I was sleeping LOL
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