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Remote start info

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Somewhere on this forum I posted what I believed was accurate information about the remote start feature, specifically that you can extend it from 10 minutes to 20 minutes by pressing the lock/start again.

That is not accurate. It will accept the command while the car is running via remote, but it will not extend the time to 20 minutes. If you want to run the car for 20 minutes you'll have to run it the first 10 and then start it again for the second 10.

Sorry for misleading anyone.

EDIT: See my post below...
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Only thing I wish the remote had was a response when the car is started. A simple beep or vibrate would do wonders.
The screen on the advanced start would show you that.
Yes, if you paid the dealer for it. IIRC our selling dealer wanted $300 for the option and then $200 to install it. Declined it.

Im not asking for anything much but just a beep or something to let ya know. Its pretty pointless to remote start your car in a mall parking lot 200ft away because you cant hear the horn honk nor the car start that far away usually.
I guess we can't have everything right?
Aint that true. :mad:
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