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Remote start info

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Somewhere on this forum I posted what I believed was accurate information about the remote start feature, specifically that you can extend it from 10 minutes to 20 minutes by pressing the lock/start again.

That is not accurate. It will accept the command while the car is running via remote, but it will not extend the time to 20 minutes. If you want to run the car for 20 minutes you'll have to run it the first 10 and then start it again for the second 10.

Sorry for misleading anyone.

EDIT: See my post below...
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Yeah, me too! I had a 2-way on my '85 Mercury that I moved to my '97 Pontiac. It worked 2 blocks away and beeped when the signal was received.
Wow really?
Mine seems to work from pretty far away. I have been starting my car from my desk which is on the 2nd floor of the building... My car is usually about 150ft or more away from where I sit and it also has to go through a couple of walls... Works every time for me.
Well I am 100% sure they are available for my Silverado, but the Bu I am not sure about. Here is a pic from GM Accessories site.

It shows an advance start remote as being available for the 2009 Malibu as well, here: (click on Accessories at the bottom left)

Does anyone know if the advance start keyfob works with the existing remote start feature? Or does the advance start remote require components being switched out under the hood as well?
Well that sucks, maybe your problem is the placement of the extended range antenna thingamager.......Its not the first time I have heard of that issue.
Yeah, something isn't right. As I said earlier I have just the regular remote start and I can start my car from my 2nd story office, though a couple of walls from 100+ft away. I just reach into my coat pocket, press lock and then hold start and it starts every time. I'm not even within a line of sight of my vehicle.
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