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Remote start info

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Somewhere on this forum I posted what I believed was accurate information about the remote start feature, specifically that you can extend it from 10 minutes to 20 minutes by pressing the lock/start again.

That is not accurate. It will accept the command while the car is running via remote, but it will not extend the time to 20 minutes. If you want to run the car for 20 minutes you'll have to run it the first 10 and then start it again for the second 10.

Sorry for misleading anyone.

EDIT: See my post below...
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My owners manual states you can extend the run time 10 min more for a total of 20 min run time. It states during first 10 min run press lock/start and it will extend run time.
I tried that a number of times before I wrote that post. I just tried it again and wouldn't ya know it worked! I'm glad you took the time to say it does work 'cuz I wouldn't have tried it again.

Started at 3:05 (Eastern time), then re-sent lock/start at 3:10, ran until 3:25 and shut off.

I stand corrected, and quite happy, too! Thanks!
Yeah, me too! I had a 2-way on my '85 Mercury that I moved to my '97 Pontiac. It worked 2 blocks away and beeped when the signal was received.
Yes. It was a Black Widow. One remote was 2-way, the other was 1-way (like the ones we get with our cars). The 2-way had an LCD display that showed when the hood, trunk, or door was ajar, or if the car was running (3 little smoke poofs out the back), and a few other things.

There are other brands out there with 2-ways, and they run from ~$100 - ~$400, depending on brand and options.
Dude, does it fit our cars?
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