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Replace spark plug 3.5L

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How to replace the 3 spark plug on backside on 3.5L?
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My problem is pulling the wires off the back plugs. I can't pull them off with my hand because the firewall is so close and I can't get a wire pulling tool back there. Any thoughts?
Thanks much. I did it over the weekend. I ultimately had to remove the alternator and pull the coil pack bracket back. I was than able to see what I was dioing and get a regular plug wire puller on the boot. I couldn't pull on the handle like normal because it was so close to the firewall, so I held the handle with one hand, and pulled at boot end with the other until it popped. Having a plug socket with the rubber in the middle was a huge help when putting the new plugs in and getting them started.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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