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Replace spark plug 3.5L

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How to replace the 3 spark plug on backside on 3.5L?
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It was a bitch getting to the plugs in those cars, and could take hours (several breaks) because you can't access them very easily.
I did mine in 15 minutes. Some people remove the upper engine mount and rock the engine forward. Others remove the coil. All of them waste time.

They make sparkplug sockets with built on pivot extensions. They also make rachets that pivot as well. I have a single pivot ratchet and a double pivot ratchet. They make life easier for everything. I would really recommend that anyone who works on their own cars gets a set of those ratchets at the least. And if you have some money for the plug sockets, get those.

They pivot 180 degrees both ways. They don't move all around on you. Trust me they are well worth it. To keep cost down go to Harbor Frieght. You can get them for like 20-40 bucks depending on size and brand. They are called "flex head ratchets".

And that is a double flex ratchet.
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The double pivot one is not really all that necessary. The single most certainly is. I cannot tell you how many hours they have saved me. Or just the trouble they save you.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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