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Replace spark plug 3.5L

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How to replace the 3 spark plug on backside on 3.5L?
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Yeah.... I've tried myself.... figured out this is very hard task. For me even front spark plugs seems to be a problem because air intake tube in a way.

Is it possible to lift/move it to clear the way? Well I probably will go to the mechanic, but just need to check front spark plugs how they look, to see if any buildups there and so on.
yes it very simple ony a few bolts and it can easily be pulled up out of the way i canged the plugs on my 05 malibu in a bout 45 min.. the circles are where the bolts are to take off your intake
Thank you! that is great :)
But how do you reach read plugs... that will be a big deal!?!
Any advise when replacing spark plugs myself?
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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