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Replace spark plug 3.5L

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How to replace the 3 spark plug on backside on 3.5L?
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It's not a bored out 3.4, but otherwise everything Macleod52 said is the case. Pretty much the same setup as was in the 04-07 (and 08 Classics, I suppose, if they had the V6 as an option).
If we are talking about the 2006 3.5, It actually is a bored out 3.4L The bore goes from 3.62 in (3.4l) to 3.70 in.(3.5l) The Stroke remains the same in both at 3.31 inches. I think in 2007 the 3.5l vvt went to a different bore and stroke. Nonetheless all those 60 degree v6 were based on the same block. the 2.8l back in the 80's.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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