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I just got a 2014 malibu lt and i want to buy some summer rims for it. Id like something bigger than the stock 16in but i cant seem to figure out what size tire id need for whatever size rim. Right now i found somone in my area with chrome 19in 5x120 lug pattern and i cant for the life if me find out what size tire i would need to put on it. Please someone help me, if i cant do 19in then id want the best ones for a nice summer look, btw i like 5 or 6 spoke if anyone has good websites to check for nice used ones or anything.

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idk what the gens mean or the 1lt 2lt or 3lt means all i know is i have an LT an want bigger rims than 16in on emfor summer. Wanna store these ones for winter.
Gens are the generations of the different body styles over the years. Top of page with years of cars tells you.
Trim and option levels are LS, LT and LTZ.
LT level came in 3 versions, 1,2 or 3
Silversport told you what sizes were part of the LT level 3 and the LTZ level 2 option packages.
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