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Scratched Windsheild!!!!!

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:mad::mad: My girl decided that it would be a lot easier to clean 30 cm of snow off the car with a plastic shovel. She claims that she never touched the painted surfaces with the shovel but did on the windsheild, now there is a 10 inch scratch that is deep enough that my fingernail gets into right in my view from the drivers seat. Anyone know if this is repairable or needs to be replaced? :mad::mad:
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Ask your insurance company if they will replace it. I have had several windshields replaced at no cost under my comprehensive. The windshields were pitted due to sand and my insurance agent considered it a safety issue.
i'll check it out at the autoglass shop tomorrow.
Ehh.. I kinda know how you feel... Except my windshield recently had a small rock kick up into it, leaving a little chip on it.
I had similar problems like that with my Civic 96 10 years ago. No glass shop could fix it. I was told that it needed to replace.
Yea... It is usually pretty hard to "fix" glass... since it is formed at a factory... Unless the plan on melting it, repairing it, and then resetting it to the right shape... which would be amazingly difficult, the windshields usually need to be replaced.
When talking with the insurance company, it may be easier if you describe more about the problem with the windshield and less about how the scratch got there! :)
I found the glass in these cars to be extremely brittle.

I've had the windshield replaced twice, and a sidewindow replaced already all due to stone chips from trucks turning into huge cracks within hours. car only has 5000 miles on it!
Thanks for the advice SK
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