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Service Traction and ESC

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Once in a while, I get the message to service traction and ESC. Now the wrinkle to all of this is that, if I turn the car off and restart, it goes away. Anyone have this issue? It has happened a few times now and is never there when I restart the next time.

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I took delivery of a 2008 Malibu LT2 tonight at 8 pm . When driving to my home, the car started to brake by itself when I took off my feet from the gas pedal to a complete stop in a relatively short distance without using my brake pedal. When I stated to give gas, It felt like I was towing a charge heavier than my car. Suddenly a chime with the ESC yellow light blinking and the ''Service ESC'' message appearing on the DIC. So I decided to stop to the closest Chevrolet dealer from where I was at this point arriving there at 8h30.

The service dept was close but the receptionnist at the showroom took care of me like a was already a client with a car bought at this place and it was the first thing I told her that I just took delivery at another dealer. They finally gave me a courtesy car for the weekend as it was impossible for me to rent one because of the time.

So after 15 minutes of driving my new Malibu, it is already in for repairs ! Hoping I didn't get a full time membership to the service dept with this car ! The car have also a 4yrs extended warranty.
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Last evening at 8 pm, I took delivery of my 2008 Malibu with 25 000 km. Driving back at home the car suddenly started to brake by itself to a complete stop as soon I took off my foot from the gas pedal ! When I gave gas, it was like I had a 20,000 lbs trailer ! Then I eard a bell chime, the ESC ligh came on and the DIC indicated Service ESC ! I stop the car and restarted it and the ESC light disappeared and no message on DIC but the car still doing the same thing. Then after 1 mile, the bell, light and message came on again. Doing the same procedure I finally arrived at another Chevy dealer near my place but Service dept was close.

I phone my dealer and all he found to say was ''Call the GM Roadside Assistance'' knowing I was already at another dealer. Very impressive !

I called GMRA and they said that the dealer where I was will take care of me. So I went to the showroom and explained my situation to the receptionnist. They effectively took care of me like I was the most important client of this dealer knowing that I just took delivery from another Chevy dealer ! Also, because it was impossible for me to rent a car for the weekend because it was too late, they offered me a courtesy car (Cobalt) asking me to come back Monday morning.

I hope I didn't get with the Malibu a full time membership with the service department. It's a bit frustating to arrive at home with this base Cobalt after advising my wife and all neighberhood that I will have a Malibu !
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My problem was very special. When I took delivery of my car last october, the car was stopping by itself and it was like I was pulling a trailer of 10,000 lbs and the Service traction and ESC lights and chime came on. It cost GM a maximum of 10 cents in pieces and 3 man hours. When my steering was at the lowest position without telescoping, it was interfering with the brake pedal mechanism so brake was applied. A service bulletin was issued on this specific problem for Malibu with electric pedals and to correct this problem, only 2 small washers in specific size and thickness was necessary. I don't know where it goes exactly but they have to dismantled everything under the steering wheel and behind the master cylinder under the hood to install these 2 small washers. The ESC light came on because both gas and brake pedals was applied at the same time for too long I think so computer didn't know what to do (Braking or accelerating). It was the first time the service technician had this problem code from the OBD2 module and after a quick search in the computer, he found the TSB explaining the problem and the solution.

So if you have electric pedals and if you lowered your steering at the maximum and completely retracted position, it may interfere with the accelerator mechanism.
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