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Should I buy Malibu or Sebring or Sonata?

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I have a question for you. I wonder what do you think. I would like to buy a new vehicle or a 1 year old used one. I test drove many cars and I came up with top 3 possible cars. I like 4 door sedans that are bigger cars since I got a Chrysler Concorde V6 leather with wood grain that is 210 inch long! So I need a car for 3-5 years that has some luxury and ample sporty power if I need some. Here is my current car:

So I test drove almost all of the available mid and full size sedans in my price segment except Hyundai Sonata, Azera, Ford Fusion.(I cannot buy BMW, Mercedes, Acura, Lexus, Lincoln, Cadillac, Ford Fusion 2010 or Buick Lacrosse CSX)

What I am looking for is luxury interior look in some extend but sporty engine and soft suspension like a luxury car. It does not have to have real wood grain though.

My top 3 choice would be :
1, Chrysler Sebring Limited 3.5L V6 (I like to look but little bit concerned about the reliability)
2, Hyundai Sonata Limited V6 or Azera Limited V6. (The interior looked real upscale and the exterior is also okay but not that good as the Sebring)
3, Chevrolet Malibu LTZ 3.6 V6. It was nice to drive but something was missing for me. Something that would make that car exceptional for me. Exterior looks nice expect the back of the car. Rear visibility was horrible though.

I test drove the Toyota Camry V6, Nissan Altima V6, Honda Accord V6 but they cost more than they would worth in my opinion in addition American cars have nicer exterior than those in general. Pontiac G6 GT has poor interior (no luxury look), G8 GT was thrilling (V8 with 361 hp!!) but too expensive and again not too luxury looking interior although it is super sporty. Dodge Charger looks aggressive but the interior is poor looking. The Mitsubishi Galant is ugly. I do not like the Saturn Aura (copy of Malibu) and I am not fan of Mercury Milan either (downgraded Fusion for me)

The question is Do you think I should try buying a Malibu?? I am concerned about the long term reliability. Hyundai has improved a lot since 2006 and now it can compete with mainstream brands. Also when I testdrove the Malibu the dealer guy told me that the shifters on the wheel are not designed to drive the car in manual mode for a long time? I was like wtf?!? Is that true?

So could you drop me some lines what do you think?
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Just stay away from the Sebring. My wife had one when we meet that was a POS and decided she wanted another one about a year ago. Another POS! To say the least it has been traded in....I say the Sonata before the Sebring, and I say go with the Malibu. Best looking, and best materials of the bunch.
"By the way what about that manual shifter behind the steering wheel? Can I use that as if my Malibu would be manual? Also does it let me rev the engine to red or it shifts gear no matter what?

The maunal shift paddles will allow you to whined it out and down shift. It's just not the same as slaming gears.[/QUOTE]

Those things are so slow they are a joke!:D
Never use mine except once and wasn't impressed :(
Yeah, they are useless. Takes like over a second for the transmission to react. I leave it in D. If I wanna shift I drive my other car.
I should also mention if you want a V6 the Malibu LTZ comes standard with a 4 cylinder you have to add 1700 for the v6 if I am not wrong where as the Base La cross comes with a 3L v6 base...

I have had the Malibu now for half a year and love it, but I have started to notice a few cheap parts starting to show them selves I have sat in the Buick and I am starting to think about taking the hit in price selling my Malibu and upgrading even if it means moving to the base Buick from my 2lt...

I won't touch Chrysler ATM they are in trouble and I don't think they are going to get out of it. Any ways Good luck with which ever you buy.
As far as I know base Buick comes with an I4.
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