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Signing papers on Friday... this a good deal?

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So I have been looking for Malibu's for about a month now. Really wanted to find something that suited all of my needs for the right price. This is what I ended up finding, and I would like to know what you guys think about the deal...

2010 Malibu LTZ - 2.4L - 13k miles - maroon/black interior - silver ice exterior

Selling Price - $18,100 - Dealership

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So what's the verdict?

FYI, I paid (without looking at the paperwork and off the top of my head) 27k something for mine. But I had the environmental pkg added, plus I believe I have everything the top of the line ltz Bu would have -fogs, and led tail lights, I was not a fan before but they are beginning to grow on me.
I offered $17,900 and they let me walk out... called them a few days later and told them I would go $18,100, final offer.

Similar ones in the area seem to be going for about $21-22,000
She should be fine, like a woman's curves :D
Please elaborate on the Environmental Package. I've never heard of it.
It consisted of treating the car with paint sealant, rust proofing the car including under/inside the hood and engine compartments, scotch guarding interior treatments. I might be missing something, might not but you get the idea. I think it added 1,200$ to the price, but how I understand it is, if even one of my break lines gets surface rust on it, it would be repaired. Free of charge no questions asked.
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