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Hi guys! I have a 2017 Malibu LT. Just started noticing when im reversing to back out or im pulling in or even driving at five or ten mph turning or straight i randomly head a VERY SUTLE not loud knock from the back wheel/trunk area

I checked the spare tire and everything else I have nothing loose in that trunk at all.

Its very light sounding but annoying best i can describe is a knock noise or something small went thump in the trunk. Its annoying and i have no ideas on this

Could be a strut? shocks? Any ideas would be great. Thanks guys
Mine too. Just got it fixed. On a 3.5 year old Malibu. They wanted $2200 but got it done for $1400. Mine was the back knuckles. They replaced them but now it squeals really load when backing up. Too loud for breaks I think. Lower pitched. They should have noticed they were bad. I’ve only had my car back 2 weeks. Does anyone know if it sounds like something wasn’t put back together right?
the back banging started out in the drivers side only when backing out of my driveway. I think there is also a common issue with a washer bolt loose. Mine had been doing it for months than one day it was banging driving forward slow.
I wish gm would just recall these issues. I also had the shift to park issue just out of warranty. Twice. And the front sway bar. A 3.5 year should not need these replaced. Also replaced front struts at 3 years old. They were so low when I took it in for an oil change they had to adjust them to raise them up just to get it on a lift. It was just out of warranty for the struts so they gave a reduced rate from gm.
Come on gm. A 3.5 year old car should not need these things replaced.

Super frustrating to spend all this money on a 3.5 year old car. They said that replacing the knuckles was very common. If that’s the case why not recall all these “common” issues? I’ve put $3000 in a 3.5 year old car. It should have been more but I chatted with gm a full day that got the dealership to cover some stuff and lower the price. These things breaking are things that a car that is 3.5 years old shouldn’t need done.
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