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Sound coming from dash vent

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My 2nd post after joining today, and the 2nd of 2 problems I have. :)

When my air is coming through my dashboard vents and is on one of the lower settings (i.e. a comfortable air flow), the passenger air vent in the dashboard makes a constant clicking noise. It's not loud, but it's definitely audible to anyone in the car. Does anyone else have this, or does anyone have any ideas of how to easily fix it? Thanks!
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I would have to agree with BleedGreen. The blower motor could possibly be the suspect of this noise. However, I am not a tech and for proper diagnosis to what is causing this noise I recommend contacting your local dealership.

I have also noticed that you have a 2009 Malibu, with this being the case you may still be under warranty to have this taken care. To have the warranty information in detail about this you will need to contact your local dealership.

Have a great weekend!
Michelle P., Chevrolet Customer Service
Dear nedltz,

Please, let me know when you are going to take the vehicle into the dealership for this. I would like to read the updates of what they have to say about this.

Michelle, Chevrolet Customer Service
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