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Sorry no pics presently, the car is not much to write home about as far as its looks dings, dents, rust Oh My!

BUT I just wanted to say that Ive been drivin it for 2 months about now and clocked about 6K miles and I love the mileage and pep.

Coming from a Taurus (RIP :-{ ) I was all upset that it lacked some of the amenities I was used to, but as I have been driving the car I am beginning to really love it!

I get about 33mpg and all I do is HWY driving (I fix copiers in Chicago) all we do is DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE (and in some of the most brutal traffic and heat you can imagine)

So far the only issues - which were known when I got it - are no a/c and the check engine light is on. That happened b/c the throttle got stuck so I pulled the assy and cleaned it up that night with carb/choke clner and used dielectric cleaner on the MAF Sensor (I think thats what cause the CEL) - but no more sticky throttle :)

Just wanted to give a general thumbs up and let you know that I will be buying another malibu instead of a taurus - the mileage on the car is incredible, the ride is great and the motor is next to none.

BTW where the hell is the trans dipstick on this car? 99 malibu 3.1L v6 Automatic...
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