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well i was cruisin down 6 mile by my (speed limit is 50) house going twards a friends house and i wanted to show my buddy how the esc can be turned off by holding the TCS button down.
i turn it off and figure ehh im only 4 miles away from my buddys house ill just leave it off..........big mistake
all if a sudden i see this dear runnning( full out frickin sprint) twards the road ( probly shoulda hit it, it had a nice rack on it lol):eek: i lay on the horn and hit the breaks no good it keeps coming.
i swerved at the last min and started fighting the car to get it straight again. its whipped on me about 4 times.
finaly i lost it its just oversteered way to much
spun it across 5 lanes, no cars in sight!!!

so i did a 180* spin and drove away unscathed and missed the curb by inches

more of the story keep the esc on....these cars arent vettes :p
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