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Squeaking from front passenger tire area & vibration

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Whenever I'm going slow through neighborhoods and go over minor bumps I'm hearing a squeaking noise come from the right front passenger tire area, it's a short little squeak that happens over each bump, even the most minor things in the road will cause it.

Also, I'm feeling a slight vibration when I'm driving on the highway, same thing when I brake from high speeds.

I'm not sure if this is 2 sepearate issues or one, I've arleady tried and having the tires balanced and rotated, but that did nothing.

Thanks for any help offered.
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I'm getting a vibration too, but it's only when braking, and only sometimes. It definitely happens more at high speeds.

Have you checked your rotors? I wonder if they're warped.
If you've had a wheel dropped for any reason (tire balance, rotation, etc.) and they did not torque wheel nuts with torque wrench their is a high degree of rotor warpage likely.
That slight vibration could also be from warped rotor that you seem to confirm with the presence during braking.
But it could also be from flat spot on tire, a difficult to balance tire that would fare better with a RFB (road force balance) done with a special machine.
The rotors seem most likely, but it is possible because the pads also come in contact during braking that you are transferring more of the offense from the wheel assembly through the suspension.
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