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Suggestions for hearing more turbo noise (2019 1.5T)

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Looking for advice and suggestions for making my turbo more noticable sound wise.
Been looking around, cant seem to find any details to the cold air intake that is specific to my 1.5L V4 malibu.
Would greatly appreciate the help.
I've watched videos that suggest doing a straight down pipe where the turbo exhausts the hot air and installing an after market cold air intake. Even read getting an after market exhaust kit.
How much is necessary for the desired affect and how much of is purely for the sake of "money is no object"?
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Generally speaking, the crowd that owns a Malibu is older than a Millennial, and coupled with the limited aftermarket support, they don't tend to "rice out" their jalopies as much as you find in other models.

For instance, buying the smaller Cobalt or Cruze, which appeals to persons who are more rowdy themselves, you find more aftermarket support and sportier packages available straight from Chevy. To get something like it in a Malibu, you have to go to Buick, which most rowdy folks consider to be too refined, so they don't rice them out.

More sound from the intake and/or exhaust is not a bad thing. We just tend to steer folks toward things that keep folks inside the car from going deaf, such as by going with a straight pipe. I'm on my 3rd Gen7 V6, and I made the first 2 breathe better, which made them a little noisier, but nowhere near a ricer's level of obnoxious.

Anyone can do what they want, and sharing it here will get some remarks and opinions, but in the end, it's your car. Do with it what you want. As with any choice you make in life, along with it may come the arrows of those who disagree. If you're not willing to suffer them, either don't share your opinion or don't make the modification.
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