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Suggestions for hearing more turbo noise (2019 1.5T)

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Looking for advice and suggestions for making my turbo more noticable sound wise.
Been looking around, cant seem to find any details to the cold air intake that is specific to my 1.5L V4 malibu.
Would greatly appreciate the help.
I've watched videos that suggest doing a straight down pipe where the turbo exhausts the hot air and installing an after market cold air intake. Even read getting an after market exhaust kit.
How much is necessary for the desired affect and how much of is purely for the sake of "money is no object"?
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The turbo noise is muffled by the factory intake. If you want more engine induction and turbo blow-off noises, you'll need to modify the intake. The problem is that the base engine (1.5T) can be pretty touchy with modifications (throws codes) and the 2018 and up Malibu 1.5T has a locked PCM and cannot be tuned to prevent that.

Please use titles that describe your topic when starting threads. Just stating the Malibu you own doesn't tell people anything.

Also, your engine is an inline 4-cylinder (written i4 or L4) not a V4.
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