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2016 LS 1.5L Turbo metal black
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so I have a 2016 Gen9 LS model and I really don't regret it. the car does great and served me perfectly for the past 2 years when i bought it.
but recently I've started to notice that somethings aren't right.

I've noticed that there are lots of dents on the paint and a lot of swirls and scratches which totally ruin the car look (shiny black colour) on a bright sunlight (I'm guessing the dents occurred when my father parked the car at a really busy parking lot and someone accidently hit the right back side of the vehicle).

Also, as you all probably know, chevy tends to nerf their lower trims by quite a lot. the LS model comes with a 7 inch infotainment, no parking sensors(which made me accidently scratch the back fog lights once), no daytime front fog LED lights and it came with 6 speakers instead of 9 which you probably get with the higher LT trims.

Basically, I'm planning to do a super clean to the car, and afterwards I wanna modify it abit to make it more eye catching and fun to sit in and drive.

So it would be nice to get some suggestions(and also affordable) about how can I improve my lame LS trim to a "beast" lol

Thanks in advance to all the answers


2011 Malibu LTZ 3.6L V6 Red Jewel Tintcoat
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Do a paint correction. My first Malibu was a 2009 in Black Granite Metallic. It was getting all those crazings and swirl marks, too. I did the paint correction manually, starting with scratch remover, then swirl remover, and then a sealer. I topped it off with something but I don't recall what it was, either wax or protectant. It looked like a mirror, and so can yours.

I traded it for a 2011 in Red Jewel Tintcoat. After a year, it needed the same work, only I decided to get a random orbital buffer from the local auto parts store. Wow, what a difference in work that was! The results are what you see in my avatar.

That car was lost to a flood and replaced with one that looks just like it, except it now has chromed alloy wheels. I haven't done a correction on it yet and I feel bad, but maybe this is the year I can get to it.

Don't fret over having "only" 6 speakers. My 2011 LTZ with Bose had only 8 (2 rear coaxial = 4, 2 front door, 2 front pillar tweeters). I replaced the speakers and now have 9: The rear coaxials were replaced with 2 separate speakers, the front doors were replaced with similar, and the 2 tweeters are still in place. I added an amp because I thought the Bose amp couldn't handle the new speakers, and all of the bass was gone. Nope. The old ones were just plain shot. So after some messing around, I added a 10" sealed sub-woofer, and now it sounds really nice again. I might replace the HU this year or next - we'll see.

So, 6 speakers ought to sound just fine, but 9 will sound better, probably.
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