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System Plans =) "Long Read"

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I don't know how much you guys love your loud music but that is what I live for :) My first system ever was 2 12" Kicker comps with a 300.2 Kicker 2 channel and a clarion flip out, 300.4 for the KS component highs and dynamat everywhere. This was in my first car which was a 1999 Chevy Blazer that I dropped 3 inches and put some 20" rims on it with the body kit and everything :) I loved it. But then I graduated HS and got a better job and obviously wanted more lol. I then sold my blazer and bought my 2nd car, a 2003 GMC Yukon that I shortly after purchase, wrapped in some 22s. In this car I had one of the loudest systems in my county. I had my old clarion flip out in the dash. 1 18" Kicker Solox in a 8 cubic foot box. 1 2500.1 Kicker Amp for the lows. 1 kicker 350.4 for my kicker KS components and a couple batteries to help with the power. I LOVED this system and it literally broke almost every piece on the inside ATLEAST once lol. 4 years later I got sick of the gas mileage : ( . I decided to stick with chevy/GMC and get a malibu. 2 months before i tried selling my 18" on craigslist because i figured i would need to downgrade. I traded my 2500.1 and my 18" Solox+Box for 1 1000.1 JL Mono Amp, 1 13.5" W7 with a box, and a 300.4 for the highs. Figuring this would be enough I made the deal because I knew i was going to a car. All in all it wasn't enough and I eventually sold that system piece by piece in hopes of starting fresh one day soon.

That brings me to today.

Here are my plans and I will be posting vids/pics and all that as I go.

The malibu trunk doesn't have TO much room right? Well here is what I'm going to do! First the idea. I'm going back to my roots, all out type stuff!

I'm going to be buy ONE 18" Solox Sub

How the hell am I going to fit that you ask?

Me, with the help of my buddy jonathan who is also in my car club "Southern Comfort" are going to build my box "Inside" of my trunk. It has to be 1" thick on the face and 3/4" thick everywhere else because of the subs strength. It will not be firing into the back. Instead I'm going to cut out the back seats all together!. With that open gap we are going to fire the sub and the port straight through the cabin of the car. Once everything is built and finished we are then going to build a custom fiberglass surrounding to go around the port and sub itself. This will serve as a back rest basically. I will add suede padding to the fiberglass as well that will actually make it useable to sit on. No seatbelts ofcourse but i could care less about those lol.

To power the beast that is a 18" solo x I will at first be matching it with a 2500.1 Kicker Mono amp
It's a newer version of the same amp I had the first time. Yes the solox is a 5000 watt rms and 10,000 watt peak sub, but trust me when I tell you that at first 2500 is plenty to make you puke.

I will figure out mounting as I go bcz i will also be getting a Kicker 850.4 multi channel amp to blast my highs. Those will be 2 KS component sets which will come with 4 6 1/2" speakers and 4 1" tweeters. I will probably add more tweeters down the road but idk as of yet.

I am buying my Pioneer 3200 In dash DVD in a few weeks plus 2 head rest monitors as well : ).I'm getting a good deal on it. I will have pics to follow!

Obviously I will have to upgrade my power for this, and to do that i plan on getting 3-4 Red top optima batteries. Reds are better for daily driver systems IMO. I will also be getting feet upon feet of dynamat to make sure my BU doesn't end of sounding like a fisher price rattle box play toy lol

Sorry for the long read but those are my plans for this coming year. I will be posting pics as I go and as things come in too. PLEASE post any ideas you guys might have, criticism or feedback! I want to make this as best as possible!!! Wish me luck.
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That would be an insane but awesome system. I would love to see how that comes out. I remember my first subs were 2 12" Infinity Reference series on a kenwood amp. It was setup nice and then stolen a week later. After that it went to the sub I have now, but with a 1000 watt rms amp, fully sound deadened trunk, and a pioneer deck in my bonneville. That was the loudest I went. Now I have 2 Infinity Kappa perfect 12's in my room and the 1 pioneer 12" ts-w3002d4 in the malibu.
sounds solid :) yea the ONE thing i loved about having the solox in my yukon is the sub and box weighed over 250 lbs LMAO and was akward lol. Some1 tried to take it one time and just smashed the glass, i imagine they looked at it and just said screw this lol. It will be the same with this install. It will take a whole damn day to take out lol
Why All Kicker? have you looked into other brands? there are so many brands out there that are cheaper and are going to be louder and sound better. of course if oyu are getting a stupid deal on the kicker than by all means. just was never a fan of the solox at all. I would look into other batteries as well. the optima line up just does not cut it like it used to. I have yellow tops in my truck and if it wasnt so much to replace 8 of them they would be gone. For a box that large you may want to rethink the the 3/4 on all sides as well. Its going to flex alot due to the length of the panel. anything that has high power. large panels and a woofer with high motor force is usually something I do not like to single baffle. you an brace the daylights out of it but its going to take an even larger box to make up for the displacement. sorry to sound like a downer on my first post but id rather see it done right and not lead you to disappointment later.
I've looked into other brands and been curious about them all the time but considering I've owned a solox and beat it daily i know how great of a sub it is first hand. And for the sides it will probably be 1/2" to 3/4". My first box was and I never had a prob with it. I ran my X at 1200 of the 5000 watts and blew away ppl with 4 15s all the time.
change of plans :)

I'm going with 2 15" Kicker L7s and 2 750.1s now instead. I'm getting a stupid good deal that I can't pass up
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