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The Names Josh and I have a 2011 Malibu

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Hey everyone, hopefully some will reply.
My name is Josh, I am 17, and recently bought a 2011 Malibu LT in Black Granite, and yes I make payments on the car myself, I am not a spoiled young kind against any stigma that may be made against someone who is as young as me and owning a car. I love the car and I could not be any more happy with it, although I am still breaking it in and am going really easy on it. I am really ignorant to this site as of now and need to learn better how to navigate to creating my own thread as I have my own questions. I will ask my first question in the new member introduction because I am anxious to find out how to make my own general thread. I want to put a one in and two out muffler on my LT an do duals out the back, of course it is a 4 cylinder. I found a valence for a 2009 LTZ with duals and is only 30 some odd dollars on however I dont know if a 2009 valence will fit but that price is better to others I have found. Also Im not sure if partsgeek is a SH&%$# Website. My questions is will a 2009 valence fit? I believe the body styles between 09 and 11 are the same so it shouldn't matter. This would save me about 70 dollars compared to other sites with the dual valence. I dont want it to be raspy, just something alittle less restrictive, also will this hurt the gas mileage/ I dont want to mess up the back pressure but I figure if I used something still medium in the restriction category it won't mess up restriction too bad.
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Welcome to CMF, newbie! There's plenty of people on CMF who can help you out with valance part and anything else!! IMO I think that valance will work out just fine on your new Malibu!!

Pics please! :p (gotta to see what's your Malibu looks like!:))

Hope you will keep on payments on Malibu and I assure you kid... Malibu is awesome! I have my old and first Malibu when I was 17... LOVED IT! Make sure you keep that new Malibu of yours, kid!
Well Newbie! Glad to have you on CMF with that great attitude!

Best luck in what you are doing with your life and your Malibu! I hope you will achieve something great in your life! Here on CMF we will be more than glad to help you out with your Malibu! Even with other stuff!! Please do come here on CMF as much as you can!

Thank you for your compliment on my Malibu! I had been working really hard on my car for a long time! I really appreciate that a lot! :)

For uploading your pictures... I can try help you out with that.... Please click on "USER CP", then you will see lists on the left, and click on "Edit Avatar" to upload an image for your avatar! just upload from your computer or if you have something like photobucket then just copy and paste the direct link, and then click on "Save Changes" on the bottom, then you will have your avatar set up!

There at USER CP you can do other things such as editing options, editing signatures, and even uploading pictures.... if you need more help then just ask!
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