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2011 Malibu LTZ 3.6L V6 Red Jewel Tintcoat
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That aluminum line with the rubber over it is the AC line, or rather one of them.

If you'd like better performance from your engine, move that air filter out of the hot engine bay to inside the fender where the original air box got its air. Either that or put the original air box back.

Of course, if you have recently "cleaned" that filter and then oiled it, there could be too much oil on it that is getting into the air intake.

It could also be completely not associated with the air filter but be from the PCV hose that is getting too much oil vapor. I've had a small amount of liquid oil inside the opening of my intake (past the TB) before, so it's not impossible that your engine could be pushing more oil into the intake than usual.

My 3.6L is a 2011 model, so except for maybe the reluctor wheel that changed at some point, they should be just about identical engines.

How many miles are on your engine?
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