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Gold? You sure? Not only IMO will that not look so good compared to black, but it will attract the cops big time.
Tint laws are governed by state so it depends on where he lives There is no federal tint law on the books to my knowledge..

Like for Georgia, We cant have red or amber here but other colors are fair game. Besides he is only wanting 70% it will only be enough to lightly color the windows like some factory tints do.. Some of the older cars like my legend has a factory gold hue to the windows and it looks fine that way.
The front side windows can not be reflective/mirrored even if the state law allows dark tint. Only the back sides and back can. I have family on the job in FL and NY. Just what I was told.
I understand as do I but since we don't know where the OP lives its hard to say what is correct to his situation and its hard to base it off of two different state laws.

NY Laws are pretty strict with a VLT% of 70 with the back windshield being the only exception and it can be as dark as one wants it. NY Also does not allow Any Metallic of Reflective

FL is a little more varied and with VLT%'s of 28% Fronts and 15% Rear and back but allows 25% Reflective. With neither state banning any certain color of tint.

Just want to make sure the OP is well informed with his decision on his vehicle.
It's cool, and that is what we are all here for. :)
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
Not open for further replies.