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Traction control

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I have an 07 malibu ls and the traction control often stops working when the car is idle both in gear and out of gear. It happens sometimes when driving under 35mph. Speed bumps don't help. When it shift from second to third. It always start functioning properly. And when its happening it shifts hard fron reverse to drive and so forth. It also jerks the car during the 1 2 shift. But when it isnt malfunctioning everything is perfect. Any ideas whats wrong
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I am guessing you have a wheel sensor on the way out. Mine went like that.... does the ABS light come on if it stays on? Now with a wheel sensor gone I dont have traction control or ABS....dont miss it one bit....but whats fine for me is not for others.
Would be nice to scan tue car see if a possible code has been stored. Has the check engine light ever come on?
Both traction control and ABS use the wheel sensors. It may take more of a lapse in the signal to trigger the ABS light. .......but thats just a guess. I am still thinking you have a wheel sensor issue....or the wiring to it....or a bad enough wheel bearing to mess with the sensor signal...

But I would confirm it before tossing parts at it
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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