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2010 Mocha Steel Metallic Malibu "L"T 2.4L A6
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hello! I have a question regarding the transmission fill cap (where you add in fluid) on the gen 7 malibus with the 2.4L engine and 6 speed transmission I find it odd how there are 3 different fill caps for the 6 speed transmission gen 7 malibus however I do understand that the 6T70 transmission fill cap has a dipstick while the 6T40 fill cap (as in the one it comes with from factory) is a entirely different cap/design with no dipstick attached to it but my question is could you put the 6T70 fill cap on a 6T40 with no problem? or does the hole/slot in the transmission not exist for the dipstick on the 6T40 model which is why I would assume it doesnt come with the dipstick cap available but yeah my question is are the 2 caps interchangeable? could you put a dipstick cap on a 6T40 and maybe even put the dipstickless caps on the 6T70? also another question I have is what fill caps are for the 6T40 transmission? I found two different caps which seem to fit/be for the 6T40 one which is the one mines came with aka this one: 24222255 - Genuine GM Cap,Trans Fluid Filler(W/Vent) second link: 2018-2019 Chevrolet Cruze Automatic Transmission Vented Fluid Filler Cap 24222255 | GmPW which has no seal on it and says is vented and then the other which has a seal and is also vented: 24243519 - Genuine GM Cap,Trans Fluid Filler(W/Vent) second link: 2011-2018 Chevrolet Transmission Fluid Filler Cap 24243519 | GmPW the cap I have always leaks a little fluid out especially when the transmission is either near full or above the low point and im pretty sure it keeps letting out enough fluid that the transmission hits a low point because it starts jerking and skipping a lot and then as soon you refill it enough with like a quart or more it stops doing it as much or entirely no dipstick though so cant fully confirm how low or high the level is (which is another reason why I wonder if you can install the dipstick cap on a 6T40 either permanently for full time use or use it to just stick in and check the level) oh and I just found out the dipstick cap which is used on the 6T70 for the 6 cylinder engine also has the 2.4L engine listed in the description list link here: 2007-2019 GM Automatic Transmission Dipstick 24225190 | GmPW
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