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Transmission fluid leak

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A couple months ago I had the transmission cooling line replaced because of a leak. Over the last month I had noticed dark spots on the driveway but didn’t see any oil like the first time with the Cooling Line. In the beginning I thought it was one of my kids cars. So I started to park the Malibu in different areas in the driveway and noticed more dark spots but no oil puddles. Yesterday I looked under the Malibu and seen oil residue on the Transmission.. I told myself No F-------Way. So I took a rag and put it on a stick to touch an area that looked wet, sure enough it was Transmission Fluid. Called dealership today for appointment again:mad:. It has been one problem after another with this car. Has anybody else had any Transmission problems? PS. THE CAR ONLY HAS 14,000 + MILES ON IT.
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Took the Malibu to the Dealership on Wednesday for the Transmission leak. They Could not find the exact location of the transmission leak but can see that there is definitely a leak. They told me they put a Die in the Transmission and to bring back the Malibu on Monday so they can look for the leak. The Car will most likely be there for a few days. They told me that they may have to even pull the tranny to find the leak. The dealership has been very good to me but it really sucks to have so many problems with a newer car.
Took the Malibu back to Dealership for the third time for the Transmission Leak. The very last time they still could not find the leak even with the suppose die that they put in the transmission. I had showed the Service Advisor a paper towel that I had touched the area that was wet. (It was Pink, don't know what color the Die is?) Told them I would gladly show them the leak. After some waiting they finally found the leak. They said it was coming from the housing area and had to order parts. Took the Malibu in on last Thursday and the parts won't be in until the 20th of this month. A long time to wait for parts! Good thing I own more than one Vehicle. They really didn't say exacly what part or parts are being ordered but I will ask more questions on the 20th when I bring it back for the forth time. Thank God they are going to fix my Transmission that only has 14,000 + miles on it.
Thanks for the information on the Transmission Housing Converter Seal. This sounds exactly what is going on with my car. I really like my car, just wish I didn’t have so many problems with a newer car with low miles. Again thanks for the information.
Took Malibu in for Transmission Repair today. GM paid for rental car but I took out the extra insurance for 19.99 a day for peace of mind. Salesman thinks I should trade the Malibu IN for a new one or something else. He has not seen as much problems with the Malibu as he has seen with mine. He definitely see's my frustrations and concerns with this car. Every time I go for service he has seen me there and ask what is the Malibu in for and just can't believe the bad luck with this car. I can see on his face that he is starting to think differently about the Malibu even as a Chevy Sales person. I say this again, I like my Malibu just not all the continue problems. PS. I had rented a 2010 Impala LT with leather. Soo much more comfortable than the Malibu and nice Soft Leather. Don't care for the front end looks of the Impala but over-all nice car. The Trunk Space is really big, it make the Malibu Trunk look tiny. MPG it was showing 23.3 avg. continuously through town. Driving all highway, I am sure this would increase. My Malibu only hits 22mpg at long highway trips and 19-20 mpg avg. I know the Impala is out dated, but still nice car. New Ford Taurus blows it away.
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I am using the DIC READ OUT on the dash. Never really did the math on fill-ups. What does your car show on the read-out on trips for MPG? Believe me this car has had its issues. I say this over and over Really like the Malibu inside and out but just a disappointment with reliability. My dealership really knows me now. PS. I know we have talked about this before on the site. Some were saying the same thing for MPG as mine. I also don't have the K&N Air filter, just stock Air Cleaner.
I Finally got back my Malibu after a week in the shop. It feels so good to be driving my own car again instead of the rental. The only thing I had noticed today is the steering wheel Colum cover is loose. When I move the wiper lever it pops up the top cover from were it attaches to bottom cover. Don’t know if they had to work on anything in that area to pull the Transmission out. I will give them a call tomorrow. Anyways it is fixed and I am happy. Again I like my Malibu very much but it just frustrating with problems with a car so young with low miles.
Thanks for your story and Advise. I will definitely check the car out tomorrow. I did walk around the car on the outside to look for any possible dings or scratches and gave a quick look around inside the car but I will look more carefully at the car tomorrow. I had my bed liner replaced in my pick-up truck recently and after I had noticed the Tail-light there was a small crack on the inner edge side of the light. Obviously when they pulled-out the old bed liner they caught the edge and cracked it. I told the owner of the used dealership were I bought the truck from and he could not believe this and swore that it did not happen there because his step-son that had did the work would have told him. To top this off, my wife and I know the owner personally. Maybe the son did not know he did it but either way they should have replaced it period. My wife has suggested taken pictures of our vehicles before they go into the shop. Sorry for the long story but I know exactly what you are talking about and it is a very good suggestion on looking over the car for possible damage. "I don't think my chevy dealer would do something like this to me but they could over-look something or damage something without knowing it! Keep passing it on to others. Thanks again for your help and support!

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1981 Malibu, LOL. WOW I have not seen one of those in a long time. In high school I knew of one person that put Mag Wheels on one and beefed-up the car as a hot-rod. Sorry to throw this off Subject to your question, but just wondering if everything is original? You can be surprised what people park and pull out of a garage many years later!

PS. I don,t think we have a tread for a 1981 Malibu! Maybe there is another link you could post questions?
I too have a small leak, which I think if the transmission. I haven't checked the color of the oil, but it seems that the area it's coming from is behind the driver and about one or two feet from the front wheel. Sometimes there is a wet drop on my garage, other times not. I had it checked and the dealer and they said they couldn't find the leak. I have to take it in for my 32000 mi. oil change. I will tell them then. I haven't noticed any shifting problem and am quite satisfied with the car in general. It's a 2011, certified car that had 27000 when I bought it.
Always had Honda Accords before.  Hope this is not a bad omen?

I thought the same thing after trading my Honda in for the Malibu!:confused:

One of my post seems to have disappeared! The entire Transmission Housing had to be replaced on mine! It was so pitted, No seal / sealer was going to correct the issue!

Quality Control Staff must of had a big party the night before or just did not care when mine rolled down the assembly line!:rolleyes:

Good Luck!;)
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