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TSB # 09-03-10-009, steering wheel vibration issues

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Has anyone had this problem? 09 Malibu LTZ with V6. The TSB is specific to 18" wheels.

When driving, after turning, or making slight adjustments in the lane you are driving, when the wheel returns to center, you can feel a slight pulsation in the wheel; it will not return smoothly. While driving straight, you cannot feel a thing.

Service manager and tech know about it, they started by replacing the front tires; tech said as he balanced it he could still see the tire was slightly wobbly. TSB had a GM tech guy's actual phone number on it, so I'm wondering if this is a bug that affects a small amount of cars.

Anyone else had this issue?

So far, I've had a radio squeak problem, the bluetooth issue, a seat trim piece that kept popping off, and now this. If GM had that 60 day guarantee when i bought the car, who knows, I might have used it.
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Is it the tires? There have been many who have had issues with the LS2's. The ones on my old G6 were horrible.
They put new tires on.
And it didn't help? Are the new tires out of round? I think you said the new ones the tech said were wobbly? If so get them replaced! I had a NEW set of Eagle LS2's that were crap. They need to get rid of the Eagle LS2's on there....
Well, they're convinced that from a different batch, its not likely 2 batches that far apart would have issues. They found an unusual high amount of burrs on the axle, so I'm hoping a new one will solve this issue.

What tire do you have it on it now?
The LS2's that I have on now aren't bad, the ones on my G6 were horrible.
And the LS2's themselves are known to have these issues alot. It's not a bad batch, but an trait of the tires. So it is very possible the "new" tires are bad too. I mean if the tech said he sees the tire wobble on the machine why in the world would they not replace it and go from there? Even if they replace your rack, if the tire wobbles on the machine your gonna feel it on your car....
The wobble was already on a new tire, so both tires wobbled. I told him they should swap the rears to the front and see if it does it, which would be logical, and I don't know if they tried that.... I would hope they did..
Either way you gotta get those "wobbly" tires off. No matter what they do if they leave those on there your still gonna feel it. I mean if you see it, that can't be good. On my old G6 it took about 3 tires before they got one that "passed" the road force balancing. Still wasn't perfect. Then I put on Yokohamas and it rode like a new car. Some people get lucky with the LS2's, but overall they are a crap tire. Do a Google search and you will be amazed. I'm just glad the set on my Malibu aren't bad at all. But I have 20's on order anyway. Keep us posted.
Well, service advisor called me and said new axles went in, feels much better, but still slightly "wobbles", so they're replacing the steering gear.

I had an Impala for a rental the other day, and I noticed it did the same thing my Malibu does. Perhaps it is a mechanical issue, because the Impala doesn't have LS-2's.

Oh well, I have my fingers crossed.
Doubt it's the steering. Have they put the wheels/tires on from a different car to eliminate a bad tire or bent wheel?
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