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Turn Signal Volume on 2008 Malibu

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I am unable to hear the turn signal when the climate control is on high and the same is true if the radio is on. Both my dealer and GM HQ state the volume cannot be increased. In the past I installed light just above the windshield, but at my age that is not possible.

Does anyone have any kind of solution for making certain I do not leave my turn signal on?

Thanks a bunch for any advice! Uncle Dewey
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I'm sorry that no one has a solution. Checking the dashboard can be difficult as I am dealing with remembering to do so, it is also difficult to see the dashboard if facing the sun or wearing sunglasses. The reason I'm concerned is that I nearly broadsided someone several years ago. I had made a 45 degree turn so my flasher was still on. As I approached an intersection a vehicle beyond the intersection thought I was going to turn so he started to cross the road to the other side and I was able to stop within inches of hitting his vehicle.

I'll keep searching. Thanks for your interest. Uncle Dewey
Hey KTrace,

I'm a bit slow. What is a head unit?

Tx, Uncle Dewey
Hmmm. Mine has is a Bose unit. Guess I'd have to know if the radio has a seperate amplifier for the turn signal and if so, how could I tap into it with a more powerful amplifier.

Probably beyond my ability. Thanks for your interest. Uncle Dewey
Hi Guys,

How embarrasing! I wonder if the salesman told me I had a Bose system? The window sticker says: "AM/FM Stereo W/ 6-Disc CD Changer Premium Audo System" and there are no Bose indications on the car itself. Now I still wonder if I could change the amplifier for the turn indicator chime so I could hear the signal when the radio or climate control are on? Is there a way that I can determine who the manufacture is and even model number.

Thanks for your patience. Uncle Dewey
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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