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Unlocking Hidden Driver Cluster Menus

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I met a guy on discord who's able to unlock hidden driver menus for GM vehicles, especially 9th gen malibus, remotely. It does require that you have a certain type of OBD2 plug-in. I didn't have one, so he recommended I buy this from Amazon.

He's able to unlock performance and other menus like engine boost, performance lap timers, etc with this tool and it's pretty neat. Some of the information is dependent on whether your car has readouts for certain information, like for my car I don't have an oil temp readout so the performance screen shows oil temp, but since I don't have any data for that it just shows -40. Some of this stuff will actually be really useful for me as I build the car and can monitor more of this info through the driver cluster. If yall want to talk to him and see what he can do (it is dependent on the spec of your car), I've put his contact info below.
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Could you ask him to join this forum and then contribute to this post?
Looking at that item on Amazon, I'd guess that he is connecting to that unit with a laptop, tablet, or phone, then sending some commands that allow for display of data on the driver information center (DIC).

I would be curious if you can make such a change and it will be permanent - so you can unplug the OBD dongle and still be able to display the unique data on the DIC.
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