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updated Pics with new wheels and audio install 08 LTZ

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Just got my new 20's on with 245 35 20,s. really makes the car look different. more pics of audio install.

check my other pics of audio install.


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That is a serious amount of electronics you have in that car! Very nice! That is pretty good fiberglass work on the processor controller too.

Did you replace the factory battery or add a second battery? If you still have just the factory battery, do you have any pics of the power connection you made. I am still trying to figure out a way to connect power to the factory battery that wont look bad.
Thanks guys for the comments. its been a lot of painstaking work to get what u see done as I have done 99.5 % of it myself.

srobinso11 - I cut a hole in the side of the battery cover with a hole saw directly inline with the + terminal for the stereo wire. I also cut the factory steel battery connection ring off and I bought a streetwires battery terminal with multiple connection points so I could connect my stereo power wire and my stock battery wire which i crimped a new connection ring on the factory wire and just connected both cables to the new battery terminal. I still have stock battery but upgrading soon to an Optima yellow top. no second battery but do have a 4 farad cap in trunk that is hidden. The LTZ has a stock 156 Amp alternator so with the wattage I am running it is sufficient for the current draw. I can take pics of battery if u want.
Thanks, that description is enough, no pics necessary. That seems as good a way as any I have come up with.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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