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Updated Picture of my 2022 and Thoughts so far

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Hi guys here is my new baby. Custom ordered it about 4 months ago got updated pictures from the guy that actually built it and I've had it for about 3 weeks now here's a picture.

I love it so far. 2022 LT, Sport package, Black emblems, 19 inch black wheels, Leather package. Driver conf 1 and 2 package Its very nice and drives great

I do have some things im not a fan of.
No colored driver information center
No LED small lights inside passanger glovebox, dooor handles, near cup holder on doors.
No usb in the back seat
Infotainment doesnt have its own apps just android auto and apple car play which is fine but weird
They only gave me back park assist and not front because of chip shortage

On my 2017 I had all of the features above and it was just a normal LT which kind of sucks they want you to buy the premier which if you add all the features I have it ends up coming out to like 41 or 42,000 which I'm not paying for that it's just kind of a shame that they weren't included in this model. It's the little things but to me they matter I did send them a complaint letter to Chevrolet to ask if I can get retrofitted for some of the stuff at a later date just to see what they say and shoot my shot. Lol otherwise it's a great car This thing is so smooth I thought 19-in wheels would be rough but these things are awesome and the tires are great they came with nice continental low pros so very cool just wanted to update you guys If you have any questions I will answer them.
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