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Upgrade to leather seats

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2017 LT1
I'm interested in upgrading the cloth seats (power driver's seat, manual passenger's) to a set of leather seats from a junkyard. It seems that all leather seats have a power passenger's seat. Or at least any that I can find locally.

So my question is: Does the power passenger seat plug right in? Or is the harness/plug different on cars with the power passenger seat? And if it is different, can I bolt the leather seat onto the manual seat base? I mean without extensive fabrication. I don't care if the passenger seat is power or manual, I can live with either.
Any info and hints appreciated.
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Thanks. Would it be easier to use the power seat and modify the harness to provide power to it? I can get the car-side harness/connector(s) from the donor car, all I need is the schematics.

Another issue: Do you know if the BCM keeps an inventory of "devices" and if so, are the seats part of that? I had an issue on a Chrysler vehicle a few years back where the BCM set a fault when I swapped out the seats because the seats had individual IDs and the new ones were not recognized.
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