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USB / In-Dash Navigation question

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Hey there. New to the forum. I picked up my 09 Malibu LT2 last night. I traded out of a leased 2008 Dodge Charger R/T. I already miss the mygig touchscreen navigation I had. I had done my research, and I saw that some of the Malibu's have the radio with the USB port on the front. Of course the dealer I went to didnt have any on the lot. I asked if I could replace the stereo with the new one because I want the USB connectivity for my iphone and the sales manager said it isnt possible. This seems like BS me. Does anyone know if it's possible to order the newer radio with the USB and replace the one I have now? I have the single CD player now, and I guess it displays directions and stuff from Onstar? I know with the Dodge radios they were pretty simple plug and play to swap out the different versions they had available. How would I go about findind a part number and if this is even possible?

Now to the 2nd question. If I dont replace the radio with the one with the USB port, i'm seriously considering a touch screen. I've been searching on Best Buy and Crutchfield. Best Buy doesnt even list the 09 Malibu to check for compatibility and I'm not seeing a whole lot that will fit on crutchfield. Anyone have any suggestions for me?

Thanks so much.
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Wow. Not a single response? Not only do I miss the navigation from the Charger, but I also miss the Charger forums! Sheesh. Please tell me you people can take a joke. Anyways....

I found out I can replace the head unit with the one that has the front USB port. I was told 389 + tax for the unit, and there is a 48 dollar programming fee. But now that I've done more research on the available in-dash navigation systems out there it looks like i'm going to be going with the Pioneer Avic-x910bt. Built in bluetooth, I'll be able to use my steering wheel controls, still supports Onstar, and iPod/iPhone support. It'll even play video off of the iPhone and shows the cover art. It's priced on crutchfield for 1100. But I got it off of amazon for 835. Ebay had it for 780, but I felt better with amazon for some reason. I'm also replace my speakers with the Infinity component set for the front and the Infinity 6x9 in the back. Just have to wait for the stuff to show up at my door.
I used to live near Damn Neck. Ocean Lakes area. I was Navy for 10 years, got out in 2004 but i'm still in the area. Having a clearance makes jobs in this area much easier to get.

The Pioneer Avic-x910bt has a ton of options, that's why I'm going with that one. The Kenwood one has tons of options, but I played with it at Best Buy and I didnt really like the interface for it. I'm actually thinking about having best buy do the installation. I dont want to mess with it.
So for the record I'm not a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to car audio. Computers, networking, anything in the IT, or home audio world I'm good with. I had a local shop do the NAV install and best buy installed the speakers. This is what I put it:

Infinity Reference 6020cs 6.5-Inch Two-Way Component System in the front.
Infinity 692.9I 6 x 9 -Inch Two-Way Speakers in the back
Pioneer AVIC-X910BT for the navigation

I dont have pics of anything being installed, but I have one of the installed nav. I did the speakers about a month before the nav itself and let me just say what a HUGE difference the new head unit makes. Speakers sound phenomenal. I initially didnt dynamat the back deck for the new speakers, but when I went in and had the nav done I had them add it and it got rid of all the vibrations I was hearing. I like the nav unit quite a bit. I like that it imported my address book and that I can control my iphone from the touchscreen or steering wheel controls (though the steering wheel controls are very limited basically just increase/decrease volume and skip a track). I've had no issues with the bluetooth. If anyone has any questions let me know, i'll answer to the best of my ability.

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looks dam sexy. Do all your Onstar stuff still work? How about the mic in the Mirror? Does the bluetooth still work... I know this may sound dumb but are the cruise control buttons still working?

Any ways looks really nice.

Edit... Does the head unit allow you to listen to music well using the GPS or does it mute the music if you use the GPS
Onstar does still work, minus the navigation part if that makes sense. you can still push the onstar button and they answer, you send and receive phone calls through the onstar system and so on, but you cant get directions anymore since they download to factory navigation unit.

The mic in the mirror still works for the solely the Onstar stuff.

The pioneer units comes with it's own bluetooth and a separate mic. You cant wire the existing mic into the unit, they explained it to me but it was over my head. I've had no issues with the bluetooth working, and they attached the mic next to the rearview mirror so it isnt even noticable, when I go back out to my car I can take a picture of it.

Cruise controls buttons work just fine. I drove from Virginia Beach to Baltimore this weekend without issue.

And yes you can listen to music while using the GPS navigation, it lowers the volume of the music whenever it needs to alert you to make a turn or take an exit and so on. Again I have the iPhone so whenever a call comes in the music stops automatically and when the call is over it automatically resumes where it left off. While you are on the call a window pops up on the navigation screen displaying the number and you can increase or decrease the volume or end the call by touching the screen.
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120 for installation. which includes lifetime warranty on the installation.
i honestly dont know of any that work completely with onstar. The only onstar feature I lost with this was the navigation, but it isnt like I'd ever use it with this unit installed.
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