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I'm not sure I'm posting this in the right place so give me inst. if I'm not in the right spot.
I'm needing a vacuum hose routing for a 1980 Malibu 229v6 with Metric trans.
My main problems are:
1. the vacuum motor on the end of the exhaust manifold and the butterfly in the exhaust is closed off, is not working and I think it's probably causing the engine to run much warmer than it should.
2. The hose to the carbon canister has been plugged off. I think this hose is for vacuum source for the canister.
3. The sensor on the front of the air cleaner has no hoses connected to it, although I can't see any other hoses or sensors on the engine without hoses connected to them.
I just bought this car and the emissions system is pretty much intact and still has the smog pump(a little noisy) and I'd like to keep it intact if possible.
I've done a little mechanic work as a hobby so I'm not totally lost under the hood but emissions systems are a little over my head.
Thank you so much for your help.
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