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2012 Malibu 2.4L 95,000 miles

My cars been running terrible at idle, the vehicle shakes like a rocket ship and is even worse when the AC is turned on. I can literally feel it sputtering when I'm at a stop. Once accelerated it runs fine, no lag or throttle delay. No codes have been thrown of any sort. Just today, upon start up it does a high rev then idles at about 750-800 rpms. I'm on a budget and can't afford to take it in.

I changed the spark plugs
Ignition Coils
cleaned the throttle body
Cleaned MAF sensor
Changed air filter
Changed oil
I've run two tanks with injector cleaner
* Still idles like garbage

I did notice small amount oil in the intake from the PCV line, enough that the throttle body ate some of it . I thought maybe the PCV Valve failed but this model dosnt even have a valve from what I read and I couldn't find one.

Any input would helpful at this point, thank you!

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It almost sounds like a bad plug or coil, but since those were changed, I'd start looking at the wiring to the coils and/or injectors.

But, step 1 is to get the codes read. When you do, come back and share them as they might lend more credence to my idea above, or totally blow it out of the water.

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First check for a vacuum leak every where. Hoses, any loose bolts on T body and manifold, etc. . Then I would suspect the MAF is probably bad. Mine acted up for a while until it finally set a code. Unless you can read the frequency it's running at you'll never know.
If engine harness was bad it would set a misfire code and not just have a bad idle but miss all the time.
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