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Water leak in the trunk

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Just wondering has anyone had any issues with the 2016 chevy malibu lt having moisture or water building up in the trunk? Even on the sunnies days I still find moisture within the trunk of the car. I've ran water over the whole back half of the car and can't figure out where the water is coming in from.
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Please know that we sympathize with you, since we are owners, too.

But also please realize that a "recall" is for items related to safety, not inconveniences. Your car is now 10 years old, so unless there is a special program (not a recall) for that particular issue, it's on you to fix it.

If you search around CMF, you may even find where someone has done just that, and then you could benefit from their generosity, which is the biggest reason this forum is here and why so many of us joined it and remain members.
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