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Waterpump kit tips

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Anyone have any tips on replacing the waterpump with the kit that come all put together? Like a video or easy to follow instructions? The manual I bought sent me here and there till I was ready to just remove whatever was in the way and throw the book away.
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The new pump in the second picture looks very different than the old pump in the fourth picture.
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I think I can safely say that you have purchased the wrong pump for that engine. I doubt there's any way you can make that work on your engine even if you try to disassemble it.

In the fourth picture I see this:
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But looking at that new pump, I'm pretty sure there is no way to make that work here:
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The fact that the new pump you have has a cover plate on the backside, where it should be open with the impeller visible, leads me to believe that you need a different pump part number.
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OK, with the new pictures you added, now I have a better understanding. Now I think you do have the correct new water pump.

From this picture you posted:
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That is the diverter valve for the turbocharger.

Seeing the new photos, I see that you removed the pump portion of the assembly, and still will need to remove the rest of it.
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You are probably going to have to work on this from both the top side and the underside of the engine. In the picture above you need to remove the rest of the pump assembly with the bolts circled in purple. I'd bet that there is at least 2 similar bolts on the underside of the pump assy.
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Is the 2.0L LDK the same or just similar?
It is similar, and looks to be easier to access/replace. It will be on the leading side of the motor, when you open the hood. The big difference between the LDK and the current 1.5 & 2.0 is that the LDK will have the intake manifold at the front of the engine bay, while the 1.5 and 2.0 have the exhaust manifold at the front of the engine bay. But the LDK has the water pump in the approximate same position, but higher up.
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It is above the alternator, so a replacement can be accomplished from the top side.
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Did you see the photo of the underside of wear the thermostat go's that's the only difference, do you know what the purpose of the hole is(weep hole?)
I'm not sure what hole you are referring to. If you are talking about this:
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That is likely features that were added to the casting so that the part could be held in a fixture for assembly. Weep holes are not external in cooling systems. Sometimes thermostats have a small hole in them that is referred to as a weep hole, but those are to allow air to move past the thermostat when it is closed. If there was any weep hole open to the outside of the engine, then your cooling system would leak coolant constantly.
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Do I see the cam driven hi-pres fuel pump in black? And what is the purpose of the ~3/8” hose barb aft of the yellow dip stick?
Again, thanks very much for the image it does tell me much. Do you have more say of the back side?
Is this a test❔

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The big red arrow is the high pressure fuel pump.
The open hose barb (green arrow) is one of the two hose couplings for the heater core circuit in the HVAC system. There will be a small diameter hose that goes from there to the heater core that will be on the firewall.
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