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My wife found a part in the back seat floorboard of her 2009 LTZ and we don't know where it goes. May not even belong to her car?? I've searched several GM part websites using the numbers / letters on the back and can't locate it.
First row: 1393628
Second row: 855913 9977
Third row: >TES< CAV1 REV1

It's black rubber; Thin and flexible; Trapazoidal shaped; Four inches wide at top; three and one-half inches wide at bottom; three inches tall; Finished side has a border making the surface recessed; finished side covered with small bumps; Four inch wide top has an additional lip that must fit in a slot;
Looks to be something that covers or fills a hole.

Although the part is black, her interior doesn't have any black?

Any help would be appreciated.
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