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If you didn't get the winter tires for your car yet, hurry up as it's the right time to do so. It is recommended to switch to winter tires when the average temperature drops below 40F degrees (or 7C). One of the most important reasons to do so except for getting a better tire tread, is that resins in your summer tires become brittle as the temperature drops. Of course it is better to prepare your car beforehand, and not get stranded on the road in a sudden snow storm.

How to choose winter tires?
- If you use the same rims, simply order the same tire size as your summer tires. From time to time drivers choose tires with a taller profile and smaller tire width to get a slightly better grip on the ice or on the snow.

Disadvantages of having a single set of wheels is that you have to remount the tires and TPMS twice a year + salt, moisture and low temperatures can damage a vulnerable finish of your rims, especially the chrome.

Alternative way is to get a winter set of Tires+Rims - this way you don't have to remount the tires, and keep them in a good condition for an extended period of time. Custom wheels with polished or chrome finish can be safely stored for the winter.

Choose winter tires for your Chevy Malibu by size or by year/make/model on CARiD:

Check out our tech articles about how to choose tires properly:
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Let me know if any additional questions appear!
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