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I've put this one off for a while. My 2004 classic front passenger door would not lock using the electric system. About 10 months ago I got a replacement actuator for $8 through the online auction site. And it sat while I analysed my level of enthusiasm to do the job.

Once I had it all apart I realized the actuator worked fine. I so happens that the only thing holding the actuator to the latch assembly is two tinny screws through a couple of plastic ears tabs (in RED). One of my tab has the top part broken and the other was cracked.

To do it right, the entire door latch assembly needs to be replaced, which wasn't happening on a Sunday. So I ended up cutting up a scrap piece of plastic from a storage tote (in BLEU) with and replaced the screws with longer ones. I got the 5 holes to line up tight and everything to hold in place.

I ended up reusing the old actuator since I noticed the new one was coming apart (junk). If I would have known in advance I would have spent the $50-100 and get the entire assembly as shown and saved myself head scratching and duct tape engineering.

Pretty much a PITA job.

This video the steps for a Monte Carlo and it's similar steps:
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