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Just a feeling on my part, but I think the '08 will just roll into the '09 with no changes at all. With the economy the way it is, I doubt you'll see a price increase. They may offer a few different colors.
Haven't they already announced that bluetooth and USB iPod ports are coming for 2009?
I only wonder if they will get them on time from the start or if they will be "late availability?"

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I haven't heard that, but it would surpise me that they would offer the bluetooth considering the way they're pushing the OnStar handsfree phone system.

Do you think there would be retrofit compatibility for either system?
It will probably be too expensive to change retrofit it because I think it requires a new OnStar system, new stereo and additional steering wheel controls.

There are third party devices that can either be installed and wired to the car or portable ones that are simply clipped to the sun visor and recharged periodically. Look up BlueConnect, CigBlue, "BlueAnt Supertooth Light" and VRBT200V ($39 at Coscto).

I think the best device for the money is going to be this new version of the BlueAnt that comes out next month:

Here is some information I found. It doesn't specifically mention the Malibu, but I read an article about the 2009 Chevy Cobalt that says the Cobalt will be the first GM sedan to offer bluetooth and USB, so I can't imagine the Malibu won't also get it for 2009.

From the February 2008 Tech Link issue:

Introduction to Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth® technology will be available on most General Motors vehicles beginning in model year 2009 as either optional or standard equipment. The Bluetooth functionality will be accessed via the OnStar Module.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables connectivity between multiple electronic devices (i.e. cellular phone and vehicle) using a 2.4 GHz radio spectrum that has a range of approximately 30 feet.

With Bluetooth technology, customers can experience hands-free calling as their Bluetooth capable cellular phones are wirelessly connected to the vehicle. It will allow customers to place and receive calls using the steering wheel controls and voice recognition. The vehicle audio system will allow listening to a call through the vehicle speakers and adjusting volume through steering wheel or radio controls.

Bluetooth Functionality in General Motors Vehicle

Bluetooth functionality requires steering wheel controls, but not all vehicles with steering wheel controls will have Bluetooth functionality. To utilize the vehicle’s Bluetooth system, a Bluetooth equipped cellular phone is required. Based on the cellular phone manufacturer’s implementation of Bluetooth, not all phones will support all functionality. Not all Bluetooth cellular phones are guaranteed to work with the vehicle’s Bluetooth system. Cellular phones will be tested for vehicle compatibility and a list will be provided via a website.

Pairing Bluetooth Cellular Phone to Vehicle

In order to work, the cellular phone must be paired to the vehicle. Up to five devices can be paired to the vehicle at one time, but only one can be connected at any given time. To pair a phone, the customer must know how to operate the Bluetooth functionality of their phone. The pairing process must be done only one time for each phone, unless that phone’s information is deleted. For safety reasons, the pairing process is disabled while the vehicle is moving.

Portability Benefits of Bluetooth

Once the Bluetooth cellular phone has been paired with the vehicle, it will automatically connect to the vehicle when the ignition is turned on.

With the General Motors Bluetooth technology, a phone conversation is maintained regardless of whether the owner is getting into or leaving the vehicle.

A cellular phone that is in use when getting into the vehicle will automatically switch to hands-free mode. And when exiting, the hands-free call automatically transfers to the phone so the call can continue on the cellular phone after exiting.

Features Supported by the General Motors Bluetooth Technology

- Make a call using digits, redial, or name tags (phone number saved to a nametag via voice recognition)

- Receive a call -- answer call, ignore call

- Call waiting

- Three-way calling -- initiated from the hands-free system

- Mute a call

- Send a number during a call – used when calling a menu-driven phone system

- Transfer a call – transfer call from vehicle to cellular phone and vice versa

- Voice pass-thru – allows access to the voice recognition commands on the cellular phone

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