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You're not a dissident. You're an anarchist. You refuse the science that is as plain as day in front of your nose, people dying all over the world, hospitals at the breaking point, and new surges in Covid-19 due to the uninformed who refuse to get vaccinated. If it's no nevermind to you, why not do it to protect all the rest of us?

Relaxed about Big Brother? What a cop-out. Your whole attitude is a textbook example of paranoia running amok.

If you really don't wanna be spied on, you wouldn't be part of a public forum like this, nor act like you espouse the freedom to think for yourself while standing up to The Man. As I see it, you're a fake.
Isn't discussing covid a bit off topic and a violation of the forum rules (since the response appears to take a pro-vaccine aggressive position)?

I can tell you with 100% certainty that on star, even when your subscription expires, knows about you. My subscription lapsed over a year and I move over 500 miles away. I was very surprised that I got a subscription renewal notice (with accurate address information) even before the USPS forwarded my mail.

Paranoia is healthy, if you are doing something you don't others to know about (i.e. visiting your girlfriend with your onstar tracking malibu which your wife can use against you in divorce court).
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