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Which brand of engine oil did you choose?

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and what engine do you have?

I have the 2.4l and only drive about 6k miles a year, so I went with Castrol GTX @ 6 months old
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I use synthetics in all the cars. Amsoil in the Camaro and Pennzoil in the Speed3 and Malibu.
The only reason I see to use a synthetic in a passenger car is to extend the OCI. I don't drive enough to worry about that, at 6 months I'm only at 3k miles and I wouldn't want to extend my OCI while the vehicle is in full warranty.
Synthetic oil is better for the engine, that is the bottom line. Even if you are only at 3k in 6 months I would change the oil. My rule of thumb is 5K or 6 months. Oil changes are so cheap, it is not worth extending them too long or not using good oil.
I do change at 6 months. This time the actual mileage was 2,774.

I think it would be a waste to dump a premium synthetic with that little of mileage.

At my current driving rate it will take me about 17 years to reach 100k miles and I believe any API rated conventional oil that meets GM's standards will get me there. :)

But what SilverLTZ said also has validity. Synthetic is much slipperier and has other benefits. You get slightly better fuel mileage with it and slightly better performance. Some folks can actually tell the difference.

A manager at work and I were talking a few weeks back about full syn oil. He changed the oil in his girlfriend's car and didn't mention it was full syn. A while later (about a week) she said the engine seemed to start easier and she's getting better mileage, based on how far she usually drives on a tank. Once I switch over to full syn I'll be able to tell people on here if I notice it or not, and I'll try to be objective. I don't sell the stuff and don't want to promote it if I don't actually believe it's doing what it says, but I expect it will based on comments here and elsewhere.

Ultimately it's your decision, and I'm sure you'll make one you can live with without regret. Just want you to have as many facts and as much input as possible so your decision is based on verifiable information. Who knows, you just might choose to do one oil change just to see how it goes and make your mind up after that on whether or not to do it again.
I certainly think there's applications that call for synthetics especially for the people who want to extend OCI's due to high mileage requirements, but for the "average" daily commuter I think any API oil that meets the GM6094 standard who does 5k miles/6 month OCI's will be fine.

It's not a guess anymore, as suggested in this thread UOA's show wear materials.

Practically all peripheral components will be shot before you experience the benefit of a oil related internal engine component failure by using synthetics over a modern conventional oil at the OCI suggested above.

I've heard the fuel consumption argument before, but could not find any documentation except articles sponsored by synthetic distributors. Do you have a link?
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