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Windshield wipers...

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I had my wipers on today and I them on the lowest setting. I swear when I was driving on the highway they were wiping more frequently on that setting then when I was driving in town. Am I losing my mind here or has anyone else noticed this?
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I think speed may have something to do with it. Rain at a slow speed will be minimal, but even a small amount of rain at high speeds will decrease visibility through the windshield.
Dam, I was hopeing they were, Oh well Thanks Silver!
If it is time for replacements, instead of paying the $70 set from the stealership you should look into just swapping out the rubber blade on them. Malibu wiper blades can be dismantled and you purchase the rubber blade (IIRC its a 21 inch) for about $6 each at a Napa auto parts. It will take some patience and may be a PITA but will save you lots of $$$.
Thanks for the advice El! but I got some oe wiper blades off ebay for 25.00:D
Lucky you! When I said $70 for wipers, I was referring to OEM replacements from GM. When it came time to get some for my car I couldn't find anything aftermarket, so the parts department said they were too new and had to be special order and $35 each.

Hey Roz1234.........the $12 I spent sure beats your $25. :D
Re: Wiper Blades Input

I replaced our OEM wipers after about 3 months. They were pitiful from day one. Went with Rain X latitude wipers and havent had a problem in almost 20k miles with them. Far better than the Bosch "wipers". lol
I just bought a set of the new style AC Delcos from Rock Auto, they were way less then the dealer, but still not cheap. About $60. But they work great. The new style ones are easier to spot due to the plastic covers for air deflection over part of them.
Hi everyone I was wondering what kind of wiper blades has everyone purchased for their car the oem ones or different ones? :confused:
I swapped the rubber blades. ;)
Rubber oem blades?
Not necessarily, you could get the same if not better performance from an aftermarket brand. Just make sure that it is shaped to deflect wind.
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