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Yesterday noticed noise coming from front, please help mitigate the problem.

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Yesterday noticed noise coming from front. I sounds like it has med to high pitch.
I may describe it like grinding/growling noise (may be it is not but having hard times to describe exactly), It sounds like gear on gear (but without metallic clings, muffled) or like tire with big and wide groves on pavement.
Don't see any drop in performance. And when I open windows it doesn't sound like noise from tires.
Noise is getting more high pitch as accelerating, but start to be noticeable only at 35 km/h and up. at 60km/h is loudest, then a bit quilter.
When I set Neutral and rolled car down hill with engine on - still same behavior.
Will try to run car downhill w/o engine running.

While on park did 0-4k rpms without that noise.

Haven't tried long driving backwards for long distance. On regular parking at malls and backing from drive way at 5-10 kmh no noise. But maybe I it has to be quite fast about 35-40 km/h to notice.

Oil level is fine a bit on lower side but within the level (it is 400km past needed change), didn't notice oil leaks. Don't know how to check tranny fluid level.

Any ideas? And if you have idea how to verify it?

Thank you.
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Thank you guys for replies!!!
I did:
"When I set Neutral and rolled car down hill with engine on - still same behavior."

I have to use good enough hill to reproduce constant speed on N, funny thing is that on small hill car slowing down!! But In my described test when engine disconnected - N gear and car rolls downhill it sounds the same like on regular gear.

I will try to run car downhill on N and engine off. Can I do this?

last time oil change 5k km ago, and no any other work done, except:
I've replaced tires very close to the noise event (may be it is all season crappy tires? ) When I lover the window and listed while driving I don't hear this noise coming from outside.....

My chevy dealer is very bad, doesn't want to talk, wants me to take car over, I just don't have time for this - one car in family.
Wheel bearing?
Don't know! How can I test this?
New development, when I turning left noise gets quite dispersal depending on curvature. I might be wheel bearing but what side is bad?
Will do,
PS. What happened to my previous post, my English is not that good, those are definitely not my words ?!! :cool:
Ok, I got part from my friend and took a plunge and dissembled right side! We both agreed it was right. BUT I count take the stupid hub off, I hammered it as much as I could (we don't have fancy tool ) and no way it goes. Any recommendations how to remove it in house?
Does anybody have schematic of Maxx differential? How it lubricated?
LOL, obtained used J-42129 and what do you think?! I can remove it even with the tool!!!!! Any ideas what I can do? Can I use some rust penetrators to unseaze hub from axle?
Success! after 2 evening of hammering I finally manager to remove old hub from knuckle.
Few things - if axle seized to hub no way you can remove it without J-42129.
It was good guess which one of 2 makes noise, so I choose to replace left, and it was good guess, no noise anymore!
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